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Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas game the third sight shooter compelling and fascinating from Gameloft, a name created shooter Six-Guns magnificent, Blitz Brigade and especially the Modern Combat series. This hot summer even hotter with the new features in the new version of the game on Android and iOS Gangstar Vegas. To experience something new now only available in the latest version are light. The story of this game takes place in Vegas, the city of gambling, where people can attain, or perished in a matter of seconds.


Dragon City

Dragon City is a nurturing and training game interesting dragon attracts millions of downloads not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Dragon City attractions that are always improving on the features, additional types of dragons. Graphics are also being upgraded to give players the best experience. Download voyeuristic as Dragon City players enter the world of dragons with hundreds of different categories, and you can create should the dragon with the desired skill as a trainer at the dragon. You will be the owner of the monumental construction work, care, training up the mighty dragon warrior. Fighting and expanding their territory.


Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is an entertaining game can damage your brain game because of too interesting that released by of RobTop Games – one of the most popular publishers in game market. This game has been very well received by many young people around the world. Game Geometry Dash must be based on sound background music so you need to have a headphone to play this game and you can be immersed in this exciting world. The game is easy but not easy. To overcome the challenges of the game, you need to be extremely focused and quick. This game is a little offensive similar to the famous game formerly – Flappy Bird. Let’s start with Geometry Dash by downloading here immediately with your friends.



If you love series game that allows you to create your own creative and abundant imagination, today I will introduce you to ROBLOX game – the version dedicated to devices using the Android and iOS operating system. It is one of the famous games published by ROBLOX that promises to bring you the moment of extremely relaxing. On the other hand, ROBLOX is a game that can make millions of people love and participate in for a short time. Played free an amazing game so why do you hesitant anymore without downloading ROBLOX game on your phone now?



10 year anniversary day launched the legendary game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Rockstar Games Publisher for this famous game launches for Android devices. Whether you are a new or longtime gamers play, make sure you also have ever listen to this game. Let yourself look back the development of Grand Theft Auto V: Vice City. The first version of the game for the Playstation.