Car Racing Games Free

Traffic Racer

A blockbuster has appeared in the list of our racing game and you! Right from the first day it did rain wind on the charts and reached the top of the new modern games are the most popular. You know that’s what Game? That was the Game Traffic Racer. According to the statistics of google play, the Traffic numbers voted Rider reached the top first, it amounted to more than 3.5 million weekly voted the game 5-star quality and up to almost six hundred thousand weekly votes reach 4 stars. This promises to be a blockbuster year. And surely this would be a great option for you to relax.


Hill Climb Racing

Do you want to experience the feeling of racing? You see the excitement with adventure games. So then there is no reason for you to ignore Hill Climb Racing Game, driving game on the high hills is very attractive, attracted millions weekly on air and the extremely positive reviews from the players. This is a racing game based on the physical mechanism is appropriate for all ages, to bring you these exciting extreme experience. Download the game on mobile phones to join a racing game incredibly strange and fascinating new!


Asphalt 8

With hundreds of millions of downloads Asphalt 8: Airborne, which is considered the best racing game available today. Gaming Asphalt 8: Airborne for free on the smartphone or tablet to master the sports supercar “ten thousand men”, conquer the roads for super hard and become a global premium steering wheel! Upon entering each new race, gamers will have to concentrate and not be neglected any moment. The mission of the player in Asphalt 8: Airborne is not easy when you have to compete with numerous other racers and vied for the position by position on the track, combined with the challenge of handling situations when a touch or play with new advanced driving techniques such as drift or non-aerial vehicles.


Need For Speed

Need For Speed Most Wanter continued to rain, do wind up in racing speed world climax. You can freely fly freely studying luợn, owner of the super car, even the gamers can insert injection molding, stamping the inclusions of other race car … it is all what you will experience in their game in extreme or this appealing.