Dragon City

Dragon City is a nurturing and training game interesting dragon attracts millions of downloads not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Dragon City attractions that are always improving on the features, additional types of dragons. Graphics are also being upgraded to give players the best experience. Download voyeuristic as Dragon City players enter the world of dragons with hundreds of different categories, and you can create should the dragon with the desired skill as a trainer at the dragon. You will be the owner of the monumental construction work, care, training up the mighty dragon warrior. Fighting and expanding their territory.

Entering the game, players will be directed to create a baby dragon from an egg. Then build the ground to feed them into a mighty dragon. In Dragon City, from a dragon, you can hybrid implant with another dragon, from which to build a legendary dragon area. The first step will be the platform for you to build a dream city dragon. In addition to nurturing a dragon, players need to train them to become warriors to fight dragons opponents. Each type of dragon has its own features, different strengths to suit each different battle. And each dragon will fit the tactics that players make. Right tactics, opponents chances of winning will be higher.

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Dragon City is built with the graphics are sharper 3D dragons and funny. Plus you will feel overwhelmed with the majestic scenery of the mountains, rich colours and true. City where the latter hands you will nurture a brave Dragons Graduate located on a high mountain surrounded by fog covered. Stunning scenery will do you like passion since entering the game. Dragon Mania Legends is also the quite an interesting game that allows players to manage and train your dragons. How to play Dragon Mania Legends deadly slow-paced play moderately well-suited to a relaxed and entertaining after hours of hard labour.



Download Dragon City to show off his win powerful dragon. Together we explore the wonders that nowhere can give you right now!

Dragon City
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