Exploration Lite

Games build offices Exploration Lite by company Andrzej Chomiak this is a game built empires free, now it has been on the mobile phone, this game is attracting more than 60 million people participated download to play, users can download and install this game right now by downloading the game here! When participating gaming empire building Exploration Lite for phone, you will be game provides a wilderness with trees weeds full of forests, the task of the player that is single-handedly declaration bay tree cutting, weeding, cleaning forests, … to have a wide area and thus gamers themselves will build houses and create what you want.

In the game, Exploration Lite player must also build the fort, built palaces of their own with many works such as buildings, ramparts, stairs, trees, palaces, swimming pools … through arranging blocks, magic, besides that you can move the cubes in a world created randomly, you free digging, breaking rocks, cleaning trees, bushes and more to replace with modern buildings, but the level of play is difficult but you just need to persevere and try to be able to complete challenges that make decent games.

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In addition, gamers have to go looking for the bricks, rocks to fill the gap during the construction work, how to control the game Exploration Lite on mobile devices is easy, the controls intuitive, you just use the four arrow right – left, up – down in the left corner of the screen phone, in the construction process, overcoming challenges, you go closer to work to build buildings, while under construction to add brick or stones, the player can press the button “add”, seeking and added some stuff something you can choose the “Menu” decent.



Besides, you can build a swimming pool, built gardens, etc. next to the office to highlight the scenery more, the game interface is intuitive design helps gamers easier, graphics HD, the sound in the game exciting, diverse phenotypes blocks to gaming use, characterized Minecraft gameplay. The same phone immediately download the game Exploration Lite yet!

Exploration Lite
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