10 year anniversary day launched the legendary game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Rockstar Games Publisher for this famous game launches for Android devices. Whether you are a new or longtime gamers play, make sure you also have ever listen to this game. Let yourself look back the development of Grand Theft Auto V: Vice City. The first version of the game for the Playstation.

GTA 5 Free Download For Android IOS

The context of the game inspired by the United States in the ‘ 80 in a city that has a fantasy similar to Miami, the period of the economic crisis, drug and crime is raging all over the place. The main character of the game is Tommy Vercetti, a mafia that has just come out of jail by a drug trafficking mission failed. In the transaction between you and the Vance brothers in the dock, a third unknown identity has ambushed, capturing the dying guards of Tommy, but he fortunately escaped. Tommy started his journey in search of a traitor, while building a large gang.

New and updated features of GTA V

  • Audio from the radio of the police and the radio will broadcast from loudspeakers on hand-held DualShock 4.
  • Glide lightly on the touch panel will change the radio channel or switch weapons while on the car.
  • The streets of Los Santos will appear much more livestock species.
  • More pets and wildlife.
  • Enhance the effect of damage, weather …

Grand Theft Auto v: Vice City were extremely realistic painter. The appearance of American-style game in the early 80 ‘s. If ever see the films as Scarface, Carlito’s Way and Blow, you will feel familiar. Style vehicles, fashion, music, all reflecting the real thing in this time period.



When mentioning the game GTA can not not mention systems of vehicles. The ability to upgrade and operate the vehicle in GTA 5 new level even the classic racing game Need for Speed. In GTA 5, you can increase the pressure Chamber mounted instead of the slightly or change paint colors, instead of ca-Polo for the car … The most prestigious car maker will also appear in the game makes players happy.

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