My Talking Tom

Download the game my talking tom free on the phone is a fun game that revolves around the life of Tom cat, lovely, smart and very mischievous. To care for a cat in real life not so simple game my talking tom is great choice for you. Although it is just a game but talking tom full emulate and truth for the cat’s daily activities like eating, toilet, bathing, joking … Sure the game will bring the relaxing moments of fun for up to for players, especially children!

My talking tom is an offline game suitable for all mobile phones such as Iphone, Ipad, Android and Java with so many cute names such as tom cat game, game talking tom cat or cat talking tom game … In the game, tom cat’s we will be taken care of with a full range of facilities like a human truth.

There will be 4 icon love expression page of talking shrimp, the first is emotion, eating, and sleeping. If the index of the icon under 50%, then our cats will become upset, so please frequently visit the cat to “recharge” your indicators.

My Talking Tom Free Download

Tom cat mischief with the living as a man, and many exciting entertainment features when you join My Talking Tom. Download games to your right to own a lovely cat free. Initially, Tom cat, your to your board development for Tom needed to look like: sleep, eat, drink, sleep, hygiene, … each cat care, you will get experience EXP this helps Tom the cat increase Level. Take care by feeding help you have more energy and get experience. If food runs out, you need to the super market to buy food by the Coin from care, play the mini game on the games.

My Latest Feature Talking Tom

  • Mini game: become a top scorer.
  • Sports equipment: Scrapers Tom to see what will happen when wearing it.
  • Power beans: You can guess what will happen with Tom when it ate the beans.
  • Dragon head shape helmets: hat, cat Tom can breathe fire like a dragon species indeed.

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Designed specifically for users who love the kind of pet, love animals or small children, My Talking Tom allows players to feed a kitten on his own and was named TomYour mission is quite simple, let Tom eat, play with and nurture to from a cute kittens, Tom will become a mature and intelligent cat.

In My Talking Tom for Android, players also have the opportunity to experiment the different fashion style for the Tom cats by trying the dress any way distribute map would you like, choose from a diverse collection of color , the type of hat and sunglasses. In addition, you also can decorate for House of cute cats to them become a cozy space.



Playing the same cat Tom never exciting fun! Let’s see how they become part of your daily life!

My Talking Tom
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