Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an action game great run on Android devices. This is an action adventure game extremely attractive on the mobile phone. Download Game Subway Surfers you will transform into mischievous children: Jake, Tricky and Fresh graffiti on train cars and fleeing police. You’ll surf on the plank and jump to avoid obstacles, bypass the carriages, find ways to escape from the police encirclement.

Subway Surfers – Mischievous boy

Download Game Subway Surfers will have to help your character can run like skis, the machine needs to run and jump bay..Ban accurately through up and down if not tripped. Earn a lot of coins is the responsibility of the player. Game play is quite easy to play well and to be able to stand was a different story, with beautiful graphics in the ship or road scene ray..tat They all are perfect, rich sound and leg real. Subway Surfers many different scenarios please express ingenuity mine had run yet?

Coming with Subway Surfers you surf overcome countless obstacles on the way, the game combines action and adventure on the phone, it has created a craze throughout 2014 and lasted until 2015 . Just with a simple design, the details more vivid colors and fun make up many interesting and extremely well as unusual stress relaxation.

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Subway Surfers Game Updates Latest

  • Subway Surfers delegation will visit the beautiful country of Thailand.
  • Surfing on the tracks, go through the floating market and gold statues are located in the city of Bangkok.
  • Let the racing team members shine with new costumes Noon.

Subway Surfers for Android to IOS has intuitive interface helps players easily grasp the rules, colorful graphics also attracted the attention of the user. What you waiting for join now on the run game this appealing!


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Subway Surfers
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