Traffic Racer

A blockbuster has appeared in the list of our racing game and you! Right from the first day it did rain wind on the charts and reached the top of the new modern games are the most popular. You know that’s what Game? That was the Game Traffic Racer. According to the statistics of google play, the Traffic numbers voted Rider reached the top first, it amounted to more than 3.5 million weekly voted the game 5-star quality and up to almost six hundred thousand weekly votes reach 4 stars. This promises to be a blockbuster year. And surely this would be a great option for you to relax.

Enter the role into a true racer – Game Traffic Racer, competing in the major tournaments on the planet’s most famous race. You will choose one of twenty-six car race our physical poles. Take hard work to get familiar with the track and the race car. With each km that you run, you will be rewarded with points. They will be extremely useful for you. Explore the game with different support screen out Traffic Racing this time, actually the curtain can completely dedicate many features in their game, that we are offering on this, real users can more easily in the games room.

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The features and characteristics of Traffic Racer

  • You will not only be the control Super bike extreme that you also do the task attached on the long way. This makes you not prone to boredom.
  • Was awarded the secret gifts full of fun and surprises every time complete tasks.
  • There will be a lot of tasks for you to accomplish each day and along with that is the different levels with increasing difficulty to for you to conquer.
  • Please connect to be able to challenge or challenge the other racers. You will be able to interact together and race with his friends.



In addition, the graphics system 3d racing game in smart Game Traffic Racer. All of the images as well as in-game effects showing up very interesting and fascinating. Sounds in the game are also extremely dramatic. They will surely give you the utmost comfort. Wish you happy gaming!

Traffic Racer
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